Commitment and Quality

ACEITES VINOS Y ALCOHOLES, S.A., retains the quality management system based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 15 standard as an indispensable management tool to maintain the loyalty of our customers and increase customer satisfaction. For this, the activity of manufacture and marketing of liquid and powder concentrated extract of red wine, of liquid and powder concentrated extract of white wine, of liquide natural dye extract E163, of red powder natural dye E163, powder and liquid grape tanins, of liquid and powder grape pips extract, made by ACEITES VINOS Y ALCOHOLES, SA, insures the fulfill of the products with the requirements stipulated in current regulations, searching always continuous improvement.

The management assumes the commitments of placing on the market the sole products that satisfy the customer, establishing capable processes, in compliance with requirements and searching the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.

In accordance with the expressed decision and aspiration, the Management is committed to providing the material and human resources that are necessary to achieve the aforementioned objective.

The Quality Management is an objective and a responsibility of all the personnel integrated in ACEITES VINOS Y ALCOHOLES, S.A., and involves all the activities related to it. Firmly believing that Quality will help us to meet a continuous improvement system, Management annually will set and revise those concrete and quantifiable objectives, allocating decision-makers and defined execution deadlines, which will make us able to measure and evaluate the reached improvement.

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