Quality and Food Safety Policy

ACEITES, VINOS Y ALCOHOLES, S.A. is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of food colouring, flavouring and processing aids, as well as alcohol and grape seed, among others, all of which are derived from grapes.

The Management, aware of the importance of compliance with the Quality and Food Safety requirements of the products produced, establishes the maximum commitment towards customers, collaborating personnel and society in general, in the production of products that meet the highest standards of Quality and Food Safety. For this, an Integrated Management System is implemented and maintained, according to the UNE: EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE: EN ISO 22000: 2018 standards, including the Halal production requirements.

For this we establish:

Quality and Food Safety Objectives, which guide us towards achieving the expectations and requirements of customers, internal and external, and relevant parties, including food safety.

Compliance with the requirements of all parties interested in our production activity, including legal and regulatory requirements and those agreed with our clients, based on food safety.

The search for continuous improvement as a way to improve the efficiency of our processes and reach our objectives, as well as to improve ourselves day by day, with the help of all our collaborators. Through joint cooperation, we ensure that failures are not repeated, as well as elimination of possible sources or causes that have generated them.

On the part of the Management, provide the necessary material and competent human resources to achieve our objectives and to be able to prevent non-conformities and / or food hygiene hazards associated with our activity.

The assignment of responsibilities by the Directorate, for the performance of the necessary functions and the application of food safety requirements throughout the chain.

Channels of both external and internal communication to improve the performance of all our processes and that includes all the areas that make up our work team.

The promotion of cooperation between the different areas of the company, thus facilitating the transmission of the necessary information and ensuring perfect compliance with good hygiene practices. In this way we promote the communication and understanding necessary to apply the Quality Policy and thus achieve the desired motivation and implementation.

The training and awareness of the personnel for the correct performance of all the activities carried out in the company.

That any change and implementation of a document or action go hand in hand with a change in our quality system, to ensure its efficiency. In this way we ensure that the entire quality system addresses any practices of the company.

That Quality and Food Safety Management are the responsibility of all the personnel that are part of the ACEITES, VINOS Y ALCOHOLES, S.A. team, and encompass all related activities.

Rev.02  29.10.2021.

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