In the year 1944 the mercantile Vinumar, S.A. is constituted in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real) being dedicated since its foundation to the activities of distillation of wine alcohols, elaboration of wines and musts, and extraction of grape seed for oil. On 1957 Vinumar expands its wine and alcohol activity to Villarrobledo. Later, in 1964, this family business disintegrates into a new society, Avialsa, located in Villarrobledo. Both societies would run parallel for years, one in Tomelloso and the other in Villarrobledo, two wine production centres of first order in the heart of La Mancha, assuming the embryo of what today is the Vinumar group.

Currently there are several companies that make up the Grupo Vinumar, emphasising:
Its two wineries, one in Tomelloso and the other in Villarrobledo, sites where musts and top-quality young wines are elaborated that, with the good making acquired generation after generation, as well as with the progress of technical improvements provided by the modernity, make us an outstanding reference in the production of musts and bulk wines at national and international level.

The distillery, where alcohols, spirits and distillates of wine origin are manufactured, destined then both to the industrial field (pharmaceutical, biofuels…) and to the food field. The obtention of calcium tartrate, the extraction of dyestuffs, etc. are activities that we have been adding to our activity in the course of our history, responding to the market demands at any moment and to the optimization of the raw materials from which we obtain all our products.

The transport agency, which offers an effective service of food liquids traffic at national and international level, with a wide fleet of cisterns that allow us the organization of complete and partial loads of musts, wines and alcohols over the national and European territory, as well as the cargo of carrier vessels of bulk food liquids, mainly musts and wines.